How to Do a Back Walkover According to the Tik Tok Video I Saw on Pinterest

Step 1: Do a Bridge Do a bridge, preferably at a contortionist level. Your legs should be straight and your back bent in half. When people look at you, the angle of your spine should make them visibly uncomfortable. Step 2: Walk Down a Wall Now it’s time to walk down a wall into aContinue reading “How to Do a Back Walkover According to the Tik Tok Video I Saw on Pinterest”

How To Have A Killer Halloween

With the world on hold due to pandemic/apocalypse reasons, you might think there’s no way to have a great Halloween. Social distancing rules out a lot of the traditional Halloween activities (or deeply inhibits them). And sure, trick or treating, pumpkin carving and parties are fun, I mean, if you’re into that. But why notContinue reading “How To Have A Killer Halloween”

Hocus Pocus, Fairy Tales and The Wind in the Willows

There are three movies I need to watch every Halloween season. Hocus Pocus, Dracula Dead & Loving It, and to bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Hocus Pocus is an obvious choice. It’s funny, nostalgic and features a killer rendition of “I Put A Spell On You.” (Thank you BetteContinue reading “Hocus Pocus, Fairy Tales and The Wind in the Willows”

Five Cozy Mysteries to Curl Up With This Fall

Cooler days, soft, wooly sweaters, various pumpkin flavoured beverages. What’s not to love about fall? I suppose that it’s immediately followed by frigid, endless winter, but let’s not think about that. Let’s think about the good things, like how it’s the perfect time of year to curl up with a good book. And what betterContinue reading “Five Cozy Mysteries to Curl Up With This Fall”

The Boring One At The Party

I have a confession. I think I might be the most boring person at the party. My suspicions started a few years ago, when I found myself watching a group of drunken revelers share the most heated and excited game of Jackass I’ve ever seen, while I sat quietly on the couch, reading the dictionary.Continue reading “The Boring One At The Party”

Bullet Journaling is Making Me Less Efficient and I’m Okay With It

I love bullet journaling. I love scrolling through pinterest and looking at new ideas for spreads and gaping at the ridiculous cursive and calligraphy skills. I love watching doodle tutorials and reading articles on how to decorate, on ways to become more efficient, on all the new trends for the new year or the newContinue reading “Bullet Journaling is Making Me Less Efficient and I’m Okay With It”