I’m Freezing. How Are You?

It’s winter and I’m cold.

I’m cold




I shuffle around my house, movement inhibited by whatever large blanket I have currently wrapped around myself as an elaborate cape/burrito, stumbling from kitchen to couch and the nest of even more blankets I have waiting for me there.

At work, my space heater and humidifier run constantly. (I like my heat moist and jungle-y.)

It hasn’t even been that bad of a winter so far. But that’s part of the problem. So far. There’s still so much more winter to go. Where I live there are another three months ahead of me. Possibly four.

I suppose I could use this quiet, frozen time to accomplish something. But that would require leaving the blanket nest.

No, instead I think I’ll attempt hibernation until spring. If bears can do it, I can too. It’s only a matter of will. (Shut up, science. This doesn’t concern you.)

I will see you all in spring, when I emerge, a blanket-less butterfly.

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