The Book I’m Currently Obsessed With

There are certain books that come along once or twice a year that I get mildly obsessed with. Do you know what I mean? Those special, just so good books that turn into your number one recommendation for everyone? No matter who they are, you’re convinced they’ll love it because it’s simply so fabulous? And if they don’t, it’s kind of friendship off for a little while until you can get over it?

Lately, the book I’m obsessed with is Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts by Kate Racculia.

This book is amazing for a lot of reasons. First of all, it’s basically a love letter to The Westing Game, which already makes it a winner. Second, the writing is fantastic and did I mention it has everything? Don’t believe me? Okay. It has:

  • A loner main character who is funny, sarcastic, has some fab all-black witchy vibes and loves puzzles, especially the puzzle of figuring people out.
  • An eccentric billionaire who dies and leaves behind an epic treasure hunt that grants the winner a mysterious prize.
  • A ragtag crew of fellow weirdos that join Tuesday in the hunt for the treasure.
  • A muuuuuuuuurderrrrr
  • The ghost of a mysteriously disappeared childhood friend.

And just to be clear, whether or not it made me cry as I read it WELL into the early hours of the morning because I couldn’t put it down is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. (When you read it, you’re going to be all “Melanie, where? What part made you cry?” with a look of absolute incredulity, and to that I say, it made me feel things, okay? I empathize.)

If none of this convinces you to pick it up, I apologize for failing you. Because this is a book everyone should read. It’s masterful.

Now go to an actual, physical bookstore and purchase it (or order it for curbside pick up, depending on your city’s pandemic level). Bookstores need your love this time of year and Jeff Bezos certainly does not.

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