New Year, New Me… But Not Really

Ah, the new year. Brand new and just out of the packaging, un-smudged by greasy fingerprints and regret.

And this year I’m going to do it all right.

I tell you, gone are the days of losing multiple hours to binge watching Netflix and YouTube, a massive headache trying to knock my skull apart from too much screen time.

No longer will I procrastinate. I will be a beacon of productivity! I will take the world by storm!

Yes! I will become fluent in french, lose those eight or ten pounds I put on during quarantine, do yoga every day and keep the house clean!

Every night I’m going to wash my face and moisturize! I will floss multiple times a day! I will clean the basement! I WILL READ A THOUSAND BOOKS! I WILL LEARN TO DRAW!

Or, I will attempt to be slightly less terrible. Slightly. Baby steps.

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