My Favourite Skin Care Products for Winter

It’s that time of year again, where central heating ravages my skin and the constant nose blowing every time I come in from outside turns me into Rudolph. Cue the dry, itchy skin, am I right?

If you’re like me and winter turns you into a dried out husk, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Well, mostly I have your face.

1. Pai Skincare – Rosehip Bioregenerate Facial Oil

This is a miracle oil. It tackles dryness, dullness, blemishes, redness, fine lines AND it’s good for all skin types. Pai prides themselves on formulating fabulous products specifically for sensitive skin, which is good news because mine definitely is.

Antipodes – Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Antipodes is a New Zealand based company that creates fabulous skin care products that are green, pollution free and science based. The Manuka Honey Mask uses sustainable wild Manuka honey and is deeply hydrating while also clearing away blemishes. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants and smells divine with vanilla pod and mandarin. I loooooove this mask!

Pai Skincare – Chamomile & Rosehip Day Cream

This lovely, light moisturizer soothes sensitive, eczema and rosacea prone skin while also delivering a good dose of hydration. It’s not oily and won’t make you feel greasy, just leaves skin glowing, calm and hydrated.

Dermalogica – Intensive Moisture Balance

Have I mentioned that my skin is VERY DRY? Because it is. And this is the only moisturizer I’ve found that can tackle the supreme dryness that comes with winter. It is ultra nourishing and helps repair your skin’s natural lipid barrier as well as rebalancing your skin’s microbiome. And yet, it doesn’t make your skin greasy. It’s one of the key weapons in my arsenal.

Dermalogica – Precleanse Balm

I’m a big fan of the double cleanse (if you haven’t tried it, HIGHLY recommend). For my first cleanse, this is my absolute favourite. I’ve tried a lot of oil cleansers (this is what you want to start with. It gets the make up and such off your face so your second cleanse can deep clean), and this by far is the best. The Precleanse Balm is specifically formulated for dry skin, so it nourishes and hydrates your skin while you cleanse. My skin always feels so soft and lovely after.

Thanks lovelies! May these products keep you young and dewy forever! Subscribe and share!

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