The Book I’m Currently Obsessed With

We’re taking a brief break from historical murders this week so I can fangirl over my new favourite novel in another installment of: The Book I’m Currently Obsessed With. (You can read the previous installment here.)

I know you’re dying to know what it is and I’m dying to tell you, so let’s get right to it.

A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow

This book hits all my sweet spots, in terms of genre, subject, writing, characters, everything.

First, let’s start with setting. I love contemporary settings with fantastical elements. This book is set in modern day Portland, but in a universe where mythical creatures are real. Gargoyles exist. Sprites, mermaids, sirens and elokos exist. Add to that the complexities of a society that is not only racist towards skin colour, but also towards mythical heritage and the book is already rife with tension from the get go.

Then we have our main characters; Tavia, who is a siren, and Effie, who is… well, she’s not sure exactly. They’re not blood related but they are sisters, having developed a beautiful and unbreakable bond when Effie came to live with Tavia and her parents.

It’s such a captivating story of how sisterhood and love can overcome, and how trust in the people we love can lead us through darkness. It’s also a gripping adventure with a slowly unwinding mystery and hints of romance, so believe me when I say it has it all.

And if you’re wondering if I went out in my garden and had a photo shoot with a book, the answer is yes. I like it that much, okay? So please, do yourself a favour and go out and get it. Because it’s great.

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