The Brutal Murder of Florence Beatty

On September 3, 1918, Edward Beatty took his smallest son and went to Yorkton, leaving his wife, Florence, their 12-year-old daughter, Thelma, and their two other sons, Ronald and Tyrel, at home in the Beaver Hills Forest Reserve, 22 miles from the village of Theodore. Edward was a fire ranger in charge of the BeaverContinue reading “The Brutal Murder of Florence Beatty”

The Bath Tub Murders

Did you know that there’s a Saskatchewan connection to the infamous Bath Tub Murders of 1912-1915? I was browsing the newspaper archives the other day, came across an article and then of course had to tell you about it. George Joseph Smith was a serial killer and bigamist born in Bethnal Green, London in 1872.Continue reading “The Bath Tub Murders”

The Murder of the Bromley Five

Content Warning: The following true crime story deals with the murder of children. If that will be upsetting for you, please read no further and join us next Tuesday for the next true crime installment. Thank you and take care of your mental health! Let’s begin. On the evening of September 17, 1918, Walter EdwardContinue reading “The Murder of the Bromley Five”

The Mysterious Murder of the Hansons

On Saturday afternoon, November 22, 1919, Fred Hanson and his wife got in their automobile and drove into Lemberg from their farm, located about halfway between Lemberg and Abernethy in Saskatchewan. They stayed in town until after supper, then prepared to return home. As they were getting ready to leave, they invited Joseph R. SullivanContinue reading “The Mysterious Murder of the Hansons”

The Murderous John Bronch

A few weeks ago, I wrote about The Murder of Arnold Gart, in which Gart was stabbed to death in broad daylight with countless witnesses. His murderer, John Bronch, went free, thanks to The Unwritten Law. And I assumed that was the last we’d hear ever hear of him. But no, it seems that BronchContinue reading “The Murderous John Bronch”

The Terrible Acts of John Wowk

It was around nine o’clock in the evening on December 31, 1918, when Ilia Tretiak (also spelled Ilko and Elka) heard a knock at the door. He and his family lived in a little farmhouse six miles northeast of Rama in the Canora district. The family had already gotten ready for bed and everyone wasContinue reading “The Terrible Acts of John Wowk”

The Shooting of Alex Shulman

On the morning of September 20, 1918, Constable Worgan of the Provincial Police was notified that a man named Alex Shulman (sometimes also spelled Alec) had been found dead in his bed, apparently from a gunshot wound. He promptly went out to the man’s farm, six miles south of Calder, Saskatchewan, to investigate. Alex ShulmanContinue reading “The Shooting of Alex Shulman”

The Downward Spiral of George Ford

It was May 14, 1923 and George Ford was in trouble. He was at his preliminary hearing in Broadview, Saskatchewan on a charge of manslaughter, arising from his suspected neglect of a minor in his employ. John Richard Boyns had been working for almost a year at Ford’s farm, about 7 miles southeast of Broadview,Continue reading “The Downward Spiral of George Ford”

The Attempted Murders of C. D. Bennison and Leonard Warren

It was about 10:30 p.m. on July 15, 1913, and C. D. Bennison, owner of the Silver Moon Ranch just south of Manor, Saskatchewan, was putting his team of horses in the stable for the night. Out of nowhere, he was attacked by his hired hand, Lloyd Atz, who struck him repeatedly with a whiffletree,Continue reading “The Attempted Murders of C. D. Bennison and Leonard Warren”

The Murder of Arnold Gart

It was about 12:30PM on October 11, 1919. John P. Harris was walking westward on Railway Avenue in Radisson, Saskatchewan. Ahead of him by about twenty feet were two men, one young, one older, walking together. They appeared to be arguing but they were speaking a different language so he couldn’t tell what was beingContinue reading “The Murder of Arnold Gart”