The Knifing of William James Brown

In the very early morning of December 29, 1916, Sergeant Mackey of Saskatoon was called to the John East foundry on the city’s west side, at the behest of the night watchman there. When he arrived, he found two women, “scantily dressed”, one of them barefoot. They told him they’d been attacked by their housemate,Continue reading “The Knifing of William James Brown”

Murder Near Vanscoy: The Unhinged James Alak

Terezia and James Alak did not have a good marriage. It was, to be frank, barely a marriage at all. James had moved to Vanscoy from the United States and purchased a homestead in the Hungarian settlement nearby sometime around 1906-1907. In 1909, he married Terezia, but just three weeks after the wedding, she leftContinue reading “Murder Near Vanscoy: The Unhinged James Alak”

The Bath Tub Murders

Did you know that there’s a Saskatchewan connection to the infamous Bath Tub Murders of 1912-1915? I was browsing the newspaper archives the other day, came across an article and then of course had to tell you about it. George Joseph Smith was a serial killer and bigamist born in Bethnal Green, London in 1872.Continue reading “The Bath Tub Murders”

The Unsolved Murder of James Eli Johnson

The time has come to talk about the Saskatoon Bungalow Axe Murder. It was a case with an enormous amount of coverage at the time, not surprising, given the various mysterious and troubling aspects of the crime, and it remains unsolved to this day. I have my own theories, but before we get into those,Continue reading “The Unsolved Murder of James Eli Johnson”