The Tragic Death of Viola Erickson

*Content Warning: Today’s post includes the abuse and murder of a child. As this is a very upsetting topic, please don’t continue if this will cause you harm. Protect your mental health and join us next week for a new true crime story. Let’s begin. On March 5, 1912, three-year-old Viola Erickson died. The nextContinue reading “The Tragic Death of Viola Erickson”

The Murder of the Bromley Five

Content Warning: The following true crime story deals with the murder of children. If that will be upsetting for you, please read no further and join us next Tuesday for the next true crime installment. Thank you and take care of your mental health! Let’s begin. On the evening of September 17, 1918, Walter EdwardContinue reading “The Murder of the Bromley Five”

A Brief History of the Cecil Hotel in Moose Jaw

Last week you may remember that I told the story of the murder of Ralph Warwick. (If you haven’t read it, you can find it here.) And in that story, there is a suicide at the Cecil Hotel in Moose Jaw, which of course, made me raise an eyebrow. For those of you who don’tContinue reading “A Brief History of the Cecil Hotel in Moose Jaw”

Beneath the Horses’ Hooves: The Murder of Ralph Warwick

It was on the evening of November 18, 1912, that Amy Warwick showed up at her neighbour’s house, distraught. She’d gone out to the stable and found her husband, Ralph Warwick, trampled beneath the horses’ hooves in one of the stalls. The horses were still agitated and upset and she’d been too frightened to goContinue reading “Beneath the Horses’ Hooves: The Murder of Ralph Warwick”

Murder in Moose Jaw: The Heroism of Margaret Regan

Dr. William Brown was in good spirits when he left for his office on the afternoon of Monday, October 3, 1927. He’d just played a cribbage game with his wife, Mina, who reminded him not to hurry home that evening. She was in charge of a meeting of the Daughters of the Empire (a deeplyContinue reading “Murder in Moose Jaw: The Heroism of Margaret Regan”