Seed Update – Part II

We are fast approaching spring, so I decided it was once again time to update you on my precious plant babies. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this and this.)

Yes, I know that according to the calendar we are technically already in spring and I’m sure for a lot of you, it’s going wonderfully. But I live in Canada, and as I write this it’s currrently snowing outside my window, despite it being sunny and 13 degrees Celsius yesterday.

That’s just the way it goes here. Winter is like a bad ex-boyfriend. You thought you were pretty damn clear about the end of the relationship but it still just keeps showing up unexpectedly, accusing you of stealing its favourite sweater and asking if you’re seeing anyone. Oh my God, Winter! Just move on already! I’m with Spring now!

First off, I have a lot of Basil. And I’m still thinking of starting more. I’ve made pesto once already and it was so refreshing and delicious I’m thinking I should raise an army of Basil plants so I never have to go without. More basil, more pesto. More pesto, more better. Yes? Yes.

My butternut squash are doing reasonably well, as are my rosemary. I even got to harvest a squash blossom already, and there are plenty more blossoms on the way. (Stuff them with ricotta and herbs, dip in a little batter and fry. So good!)

For flowers, I’ve got an Ageratum mix and some Peppermint Stick Balsam, both doing super well. The rest of my flower seeds are direct sow, which I will hopefully be doing soon. (No, you didn’t forget your keys here, Winter. Ugh.)


That’s it for now! And if Winter tries to ask you for my new number, tell it to get bent.

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