How to Do a Back Walkover According to the Tik Tok Video I Saw on Pinterest

Step 1: Do a Bridge

Do a bridge, preferably at a contortionist level. Your legs should be straight and your back bent in half. When people look at you, the angle of your spine should make them visibly uncomfortable.

Step 2: Walk Down a Wall

Now it’s time to walk down a wall into a bridge. Okay, sure. No problem. Just turn your back to a wall, reach behind you and walk your hands down towards the ground as if you won’t get stuck there. It’s easy! Just bend completely in half, backwards!

Step 3: “Fall” Into A Bridge

Do I even need to…? I mean, yeah, you know, just fall backwards as if you’re fainting, but catch yourself and push into a perfect bridge at the last second. GOD, WHY IS THAT SO HARD, BECKY???

Step 4: Do a Back Walkover

So easy!

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