Another Great Day of Saving the Bees

One of the many things bungee clipping my sanity together during this pandemic is my addiction to TikTok. The algorithm took almost no time to figure me out completely, which was both impressive and insulting. It keeps me on a steady diet of anything comedic and humor related, cosplay and fantastical makeup transformations, people making crafty things and sewing regency style dresses, and of course a hefty dose of women kicking ass. My two latest, favourite genres of TikTok content, however, could be deemed a little… strange.

First of all, I’ve become obsessed with @ladytaphos and her tombstone cleaning videos. (You can find her on Instagram too.) It’s exactly what it sounds like. She goes into old cemeteries and cleans old, illegible tombstones.

@ladytaphos Instagram

There’s something so hypnotic and soothing about watching her scrape the gunk off the old, weathered stone, scrubbing them with her brush, little eddies of soapy water running onto the ground. When she’s done, the tombstone looks bright and new again. It’s insanely satisfying to watch. Plus, I’m endlessly curious about the people those tombstones belong to. Do they still have family out there somewhere? Who were they? Were any of them murdered? (Yeah, I’m a little strange.)

I heard a saying a little while ago that we all die two deaths. Once when we actually die, and a second time when our names are spoken for the last time. I like that she keeps those tombstones clean and readable, so people will continue to say their names.

The second genre is probably even stranger. I love watching videos of people rescuing bees.

These earth angels go out on calls to collect bees that have built hives in barbeques, under floorboards, in old campers, (I even saw one where a hive was found in an old toilet tank) and move them into a hive box and take them somewhere safe.

As someone who’s spent their life generally terrified of all buzzing, stinging insects, I can’t imagine being so calm and serene around a misplaced hive of bees, but they always are. In one of my favourite beekeeper’s videos (@texasbeeworks), she pulls up the floorboards in an old shed to get at a gigantic hive, and after moving all their honeycomb over to their new hive box, she just starts scooping bees up with her bare hands and puts them in the new hive.

How can she… I just… What?

I’m sorry, but that woman is a total badass.

You’d think these videos would give me insane anxiety, thanks to my aforementioned fear, but they don’t. Like the tombstone cleaning, I find them endlessly soothing. The beekeepers I watch are clearly living their passion, calmly turning up to wherever they’re needed to save the bees. And no matter what kind of day I’ve had, watching them makes me feel hopeful.

As @texasbeeworks says at the end of nearly all of her videos, “it was another great day of saving the bees.” And you know what? She’s right. It was.

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