Podcast Round Up

In these trying times, when spending quality time with friends and family is pretty much impossible, I’ve been adding more and more podcasts to my list. They give the same warm feeling of hanging out with friends without requiring any participation on my part. I stay safely inside, do my dishes, laundry, whatever, and I don’t end up having long, involved conversations with my plants. Well, I do, just not quite as often.

If you’re also going a little stir crazy, I suggest you give the following list a try.

1. My Favorite Murder

Do you like true crime? Do you enjoy hilarious riffing by two sassy women while they talk about murder? Then this is the podcast for you. If you’ve never listened before (first of all, you’re welcome! I’ll think of something nice for you to give me as a thank you later), make sure you start at the beginning. It’s so fun to listen to this podcast evolve into the force it has become today and there are too many good episodes that I absolutely refuse to let you miss. So sit back, enjoy and remember: Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered!

2. I Said No Gifts

Comedy writer Bridger Winegar hosts this adorable and fun podcast, in which guests always show up with a gift, despite the title. There is no set topic for discussion and Bridger is an excellent interviewer and host, guiding the conversation with an expert hand. Some of my favourite episodes have included guests Lauren Lapkus, Matt Ingebretson, Louis Virtel and Emma Thompson, but they’re all great. Bridger’s voice is so soothing and he’s always so funny. The podcast is a delight.

3. Vulgar History

Do you like history but you’re sick of hearing about the same ten dudes and never the super cool, insanely clever women? In this hilarious podcast by historian and writer Ann Foster, you’ll hear all the scandalous details about history’s most underappreciated women. There are murders, super sexy secret marriages, spies, thieves, and much more. A personal favourite was Cleopatra VII, but honestly, they’re all fantastic.

4. Why Won’t You Date Me?

On this dating podcast hosted by comedian Nicole Byer, no topic is taboo. Nicole is hilarious and so are her guests, as they explore everything dating, romance, marriage, sex and relationships. And the theme song? It’s physically impossible for me not to grin when I hear it. And if you love Nicole as much as I do, she’s on two other podcasts you can check out as well. The Newcomers, with Lauren Lapkus, and Best Friends With Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata.

5. Do You Need a Ride?

This is yet another fun, relaxing podcast, featuring comedians Karen Kilgariff and Chris Fairbanks. Sometimes they have a guest on, sometimes they don’t, but the conversation is always funny, light and distracting in the best way. It feels like being at coffee with two great friends who are quick with jokes and good stories. New episodes drop every second Monday, but don’t worry, there’s a huge bank of episodes to keep you company in between.

Thanks for reading! If you know someone who would enjoy this list, please share it! We all need to look out for each other. And if you liked this post and don’t want to miss another, subscribe!

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