The Knifing of William James Brown

In the very early morning of December 29, 1916, Sergeant Mackey of Saskatoon was called to the John East foundry on the city’s west side, at the behest of the night watchman there. When he arrived, he found two women, “scantily dressed”, one of them barefoot. They told him they’d been attacked by their housemate,Continue reading “The Knifing of William James Brown”

A Wedding and A Murder: The Killing of Jacob Schabaga

On the evening of November 21, 1916, Alex Krilozoski was hosting a wedding celebration at his home, 16 miles north of Vonda, Saskatchewan. Plenty of people were in attendance and alcohol was flowing freely. Perhaps too freely, because the more it was consumed, the more evident the signs of trouble. According to the newspapers, twoContinue reading “A Wedding and A Murder: The Killing of Jacob Schabaga”

A Case for Mittens: The Shooting of Solomon Maddock

On the morning of February 11, 1935, Solomon Maddock had a breakfast of bread and butter and tea, then left for the bluffs to chop wood. He and his wife had moved to the Woodleigh district 29 years previous and currently lived on their farm, 10 miles north of Wapella. They had two sons andContinue reading “A Case for Mittens: The Shooting of Solomon Maddock”

The Suspicious Death of Thomas Gore

On the morning of April 3, 1914, Mr. Speers, of Speers Undertaking in Regina, and Sergeant Dubuque, of the RNWMP, left Regina with a casket wagon and made their way out to the Tregarva cemetery north of Regina. They were there to exhume the body of Thomas Alexander Gore. Thomas Gore had been a wealthyContinue reading “The Suspicious Death of Thomas Gore”