The Murder of Charles Bruggencote

On February 13, 1913, the body of Charles Bruggencote, an old Prince Albert Lumber Company employee, was found on a trail about three or four miles from the city. His face and head were cut and bruised, and his hair was a clot of frozen blood. He had a homestead near La Colle Falls andContinue reading “The Murder of Charles Bruggencote”

The Tragic Death of Viola Erickson

*Content Warning: Today’s post includes the abuse and murder of a child. As this is a very upsetting topic, please don’t continue if this will cause you harm. Protect your mental health and join us next week for a new true crime story. Let’s begin. On March 5, 1912, three-year-old Viola Erickson died. The nextContinue reading “The Tragic Death of Viola Erickson”

Murder Near Vanscoy: The Unhinged James Alak

Terezia and James Alak did not have a good marriage. It was, to be frank, barely a marriage at all. James had moved to Vanscoy from the United States and purchased a homestead in the Hungarian settlement nearby sometime around 1906-1907. In 1909, he married Terezia, but just three weeks after the wedding, she leftContinue reading “Murder Near Vanscoy: The Unhinged James Alak”

The Horrific Mothering of Hannah Hanson

*Content Warning: This story includes the murder of children. If you will find this distressing, please take care of your mental health and skip this week’s post. Please join us again next Tuesday for a new true crime story. In 1919, Hannah Hanson moved with her two children, six-year-old Annie May and 9-month-old Olive toContinue reading “The Horrific Mothering of Hannah Hanson”