A Love Affair Gone Wrong: The Murder of Antena Kropa

Humboldt, Saskatchewan It was Christmas night, 1929, and Antena and Stanley Kropa had been visiting at the home of their friend, J. Philip Mokolyk. Around 5:30PM, Antena took their three-year-old son home to put him to bed and Stanley followed not long after. They were a young couple, Antena was only twenty-five, and they’d comeContinue reading “A Love Affair Gone Wrong: The Murder of Antena Kropa”

The Murder of Lena Faust

It was close to four thirty in the afternoon on Monday, September 30, 1929, when the phone rang in the office of Wadena lawyer and crown attorney Ross Pratt. It was Lena Faust, a widow and dairy farmer in the district. She needed advice, and to be frank, protection. Her recently fired hired man, EmileContinue reading “The Murder of Lena Faust”

The Mamchur Family Massacre

Let me begin this post by saying that sources on this case were deeply conflicted. Names, spellings, and genders varied wildly. I did my best to verify as much information as I could, and I apologize for any inaccuracies. I’ve tried to note differences where I found them. On the evening of Wednesday, April 5,Continue reading “The Mamchur Family Massacre”