How to Get Over the Death of Your Dog

This week it will be one year since my sweet girl, Maddie, passed away and since then, a lot of friends have had to say goodbye to their own faithful companions. In the spirit of shared grief and to celebrate the truth that things do get easier, here is a piece I wrote after herContinue reading “How to Get Over the Death of Your Dog”

The Unsolved Murder of James Eli Johnson

The time has come to talk about the Saskatoon Bungalow Axe Murder. It was a case with an enormous amount of coverage at the time, not surprising, given the various mysterious and troubling aspects of the crime, and it remains unsolved to this day. I have my own theories, but before we get into those,Continue reading “The Unsolved Murder of James Eli Johnson”

Ten Things I Hate About Self-Imposed Deadlines

1. They always arrive. Rude. 2. I can’t get mad at anyone because I made them. I did it to myself. 3. Past me always vastly overestimates my work ethic and scheduling abilities. 4. I’m not as worried about disappointing myself as I am about disappointing others. 5. Probably because I’m not particularly hard onContinue reading “Ten Things I Hate About Self-Imposed Deadlines”

Working on Something Good

Writing this blog has taught me a lot about myself, mostly about how much I relish investigating old murders. And when I sat down to learn about this week’s case, it became immediately apparent that I need more time. Because it is good. It is so good. And by good, I mean strange, complicated andContinue reading “Working on Something Good”