5 Foreign Crime Dramas All Murderinos Should Watch

Sick of North American Crime Shows? It’s Time to Expand Your Horizons

You’ve done it. You’ve finally done it. You exhausted all options for gripping, bingeworthy crime shows. Now what?

Don’t worry, your Netflix queue doesn’t have to be empty. There are still excellent shows waiting for you, as long as you don’t mind going international.

Don’t let the idea of reading subtitles throw you. The writing is top notch, the tension high, and unlike so many North American shows that sometimes choose shock value over good writing, the reveals actually make logical sense. So grab some popcorn and get ready to solve some murders.

1. The Valhalla Murders

This is one of the best crime dramas I’ve watched in a long time. It takes place in Iceland, so you know the scenery is spectacular. It’s moody and intelligent with strong leads and a series of murders that only grow more dark and complex the further the main characters, Kata and Arnar, dig. Even better, there’s no will they/won’t they romance between the two of them, replaced instead with a professional comradery that makes the ending ten times more satisfying. However long your list, this needs to be at the top.

2. La Mante

The French are good at everything, aren’t they? Leave it to them to give us the world’s classiest serial killer. In La Mante, a copycat is repeating the crimes of La Mante (the mantis), a woman who gruesomely murdered eight men before being caught and imprisoned. She offers to help the investigation track down the killer before they can finish their homage, on one condition. She’ll only work with her estranged son. Is it a little over the top and unrealistic? Yes. Is it utterly fabulous and supremely watchable? Double yes.

3. Trapped

Yes, we’re back in Iceland. I can’t help it, their shows are spectacular. In Trapped, an icelandic town gets snowed in by a massive blizzard just as a body floats to the surface and a ferry full of suspects arrive. Help won’t arrive until the snow stops, so the local police force of only three officers are on their own. As they investigate, they uncover a lot more than murder. It seems their sleepy town is brimming with secrets.

4. The Forest

A teenage girl makes a desperate phone call to her teacher in the middle of the night. When her body is found in the forest days later, police go from investigating what they thought was most likely a harmless prank, to realizing something dark lurks in their peaceful village. And when two more teenage girls go missing, the clock starts ticking. Will they find two more bodies, or will they catch the killer in time? As they hunt for clues, one inevitable truth comes to light: small towns often hide the biggest secrets.

5. Case

When a young girl is found hanging in the theater of a local ballet company, it looks to be suicide. But why? The girl was smart, happy and thriving, or so it seemed. The detective on her case isn’t satisfied with simply accepting the coroner’s report and moving on. She and two lawyers are determined to go down the rabbit hole and unravel the secrets surrounding her death until they find who’s responsible.

There we have it. I guarantee at least one of these shows will scratch that itch. And if you like one or all of them, please feel free to share this article with anyone else you think would enjoy them.

Thanks for reading! Now go forth and watch!

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